The pivot

/ July 4, 2020
When I started this blog I had every intention to show up weekly and consistently but the truth is that the world simply looks different since March and sometimes I just don't know what to say. 2020...

Hey Mama

/ June 1, 2020
As a newborn photographer I have watched in awe all of the incredibly strong women who have had their babies during these strange times. These past few months have been intense and probably not what...

What is balance anyway?

/ May 12, 2020
I have always struggled with the fact that I can't control everything, of letting go. But time and time again I am reminded that we aren't ever really in control and of the importance of slowing down, of reflection and of being quiet and still. I have never craved silence as much as I do right now.

Oh Hello!

/ May 6, 2020
I wanted to start by sharing with you helpful resources that have been a source of peace for me and have even helped to shift anxiety to an empowered and positive mindset. I hope these incredible humans can inspire and give you comfort too!