Hello September

Hi lovelies, I hope that you are having a wonderful Sunday and for those of you whose kids have gone back to school (in person or virtually), I hope that it’s going well so far and that everyone is adjusting. Is it strange that all of a sudden I feel exhausted now that I have a little bit more time to myself?

It seems like the weight of the past 6 months has caught up with me and I need a little bit of quiet time to myself. Mostly I’ve felt the need this past week to reorganise the house and declutter because I want to feel lighter. It must be the school girl in me but September has always symbolised new beginnings and after the year 2020 has thrown our way, I want to feel more in control and prepared. I know we can’t control much in life, really but it feels good to be making small plans and being more balanced with my time.

How are you all doing? So many of my friends who always seem to have it together all of a sudden are feeling caught off guard with unexplained anxiety. Well… unexplained… if we reflect on the past few months it seems so normal that anxiety and feeling tired has caught up with us. We have spent the past few months living way outside of our comfort zones, forced to live in the present moment and unable to make plans, probably a life lesson that we all learn eventually but it shook us. (Especially those of us who like to feel in control all the time).

So I’ll be over here, compartmentalising stuff, decluttering, getting a much needed hair cut and the odd workout in and refocusing and reconnecting. I know everything going on is far from behind us, but I’m choosing to remain the eternal optimist even if it gets interrupted. Bring on quality time with my family and close friends, with myself and with all of the incredible clients that I get to meet along the way!

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