Hey Mama

As a newborn photographer I have watched in awe all of the incredibly strong women who have had their babies during these strange times. These past few months have been intense and probably not what you would have been expecting when you first found out you were pregnant… to say the least!!

Supermoms (and all moms are!) are quick to say “I was planning on being home anyways” or “at least my partner could be with me during labour” but I can’t help but think that these times must feel like a huge roller coaster being navigated while exhausted from sleepless nights and while recovering from birth.

It takes a village to raise a child, I believe this to be true. Your tribe is right here by your side, perhaps virtually for just a little bit longer, but we have your back. Always. You are doing an AMAZING job. Missing the support of physically seeing family and friends and not yet having been able to share motherhood with other new moms is so hard, hopefully it won’t be much longer now. In the meantime, I think there are some incredible dad’s and partners out there who deserve high fives for doing great jobs!

I am often one of the first people parents see after having had a baby. Newborn portraits sessions are such a wonderful way to pause and capture this special moment, no matter what is happening around us. Now more than ever I think that these portraits will be treasured and shared with loved ones. I absolutely love welcoming new parents to my studio, it is a light and cozy space where I am not only there to document your family story but I am there, as a mama myself, to listen and support.

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