Let them have cake!

One of the most magical parts of being a family photographer is when little ones come back to visit when they turn 1. It feels like yesterday that I was photographing them only a few days old – how quickly this precious first year flies by. As parents we are often in a sleep deprived haze and focused on sleep routines and if they are eating enough (I know I was with my boys) but all of a sudden you pop out of that newborn-baby bubble and you have a little one year old human in front of you!

This moment should be celebrated for so many reasons because it is such a big milestone but, this year, perhaps more than ever I think it should be. There are still so much up in the air with everything going on around us, I have seen so many parents feeling anxious about planning that 1st birthday party they’ve been thinking of for so long. We don’t know what’s appropriate or whether or not the rules will be changed on us overnight and so what should parents do?

Well…I think we should let them have cake!

Perhaps you can’t have that big 1st birthday party you were hoping for but why not mark this extra special occasion and celebrate how much your little one and family has grown. This past year hasn’t had as many social occasions and family celebrations as we normally would have had. Grandparents especially who haven’t been able to come for a visit will love receiving this photo gallery of cuteness!

I promise that you won’t regret it. It will be a moment that you can take a minute to step back and look at all you have created and celebrate how incredible it is to celebrate a birthday. Plus, there will be an adorable little outfit, balloons, cake and guaranteed cuteness!

Whether you are able to come here to the studio for a cake smash and 1st birthday portrait session or doing your own here are:

My top tips on creating a Cake Smash photo session:

The Cake: buttercream or soft icing is key! Our little birthday boys & girls will actually be able to smoosh it. Make sure you take the cake out of the fridge a good few hours before so that it isn’t too cold and hard.

The decor: keep it low, they are tiny! Your balloons and decorations should be no more than 2-3 feet high so that it will be in the photos. Balloons on the floor are great and make for fun!

Timing is everything: plan the session after they have had a meal (and ideally haven’t just woken from a nap!) Give them time to warm up when they arrive so they aren’t wondering why all of the adults have gone mad and are now trying to get you to touch a cake! Start with portraits and perhaps even get a few sibling portraits and then introduce the cake, they will love it!

A special thank you to Mama G for inspiring this post! xx

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