Maternity: What to Wear Guide

Congratulations on booking your Maternity Session, I am so excited to meet you! This may also be the moment you think…. uh oh what do we wear!? Don't even worry for a minute, I've got you covered. I have put together a little guide to help you. If you have any doubts please don't hesitate to send over photos of options, I love outfit planning!

Outfit Inspiration

details matter

neutral & soft tones

keep it simple

Hair & makeup: this is such a special time, I think that you deserve a blow dry and maybe even getting your makeup done! If that isn't possible consider soft curls and make up where you focus on face highlights and have natural but enough eye makeup to make them stand out. Please avoid glossy lipstick and perhaps also bring along a pop of colour if you're feeling it!

Your hands and likely your feet will be visible so please be sure to have either no polish or a colou that you are happy to have in photos. Footwear for partners: consider either barefoot or shoes (like a loafer) that you are happy with, please avoid really clunky/trendy trainers they draw a lot of attention and we would like the focus to be on your beautiful bump!

Underwear: please bring along a neutral strapless and seamless bra and underwear set. Please also bring along white/ivory and black bra and panty set (ideally lace or something more delicate and non-maternity with the large straps).

I suggest starting with a soft colour and mixing tones and textures to compliment rather than matching completely. If you are going for more black and white portraits, a black bodysuit is always amazing and dramatic. Please avoid yellow and green as I find it to be less flattering.

For Daddy: please avoid black & navy and tops that have heavy patterns or logos if possible as it can overpower. Earth tones are great. I have included in the Pinterest Board below some nice Daddy outfit options.

Simplicity is timeless and less stressful. I recommend 2-3 outfit variations for studio sessions: a bodysuit, a dress & relaxed jeans with an oversized shirt. I have put together a Pinterest Board to give you some inspiration.

The bodysuit: long or short sleeved depending on what you are more comfortable in in black or a slightly darker colour so that there is contrast and your bump can stand out. I have had clients come with boots to wear and others prefer barefoot, it totally depends on what vibe you want to create!

The dress: depending on how you feel I find a contouring dress with stretch that is above the knee is really flattering (try to avoid mid-calf length – we all want to create that long leg look!). If that doesn't feel like your vive, a maxi dress that is v-neck or more open at the top and fitted and flowing at the bottom is very pretty.

The casual look: my absolute favourite is a pair of loose fitting oversized jeans with a white oversized dress shirt that can be left mostly open with a cute (ideally lace or non-maternity bra).

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