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Newborn: What to Wear Guide

Congratulations on booking your Newborn Session, I am so excited to meet your family and little one! This may also be the moment you think…. uh oh what do we wear!? Don't even worry for a minute, I've got you covered. I have put together a little guide to help you. If you have any doubts please don't hesitate to send over photos of options, I love outfit planning!

Outfit Inspiration

details matter

neutral & soft tones

keep it simple

Soft necklines that aren't too low cut are very flattering. Longer dresses are lovely or if you prefer trousers consider a top that is lightly fitted. Your hands and possibly your feet will be visible so please be sure to wear socks and shoes that you are happy with and to have either no nail polish for you hand modelling debut! Please also consider minimal jewellery and no large watches as they can be distracting in portraits.

I suggest starting with a soft colour and mixing tones and textures to compliment rather than matching completely. Off-white, light greys & pinks, soft blues & green are lovely.

For Daddy: please avoid black & navy and tops that have heavy patterns or logos if possible as it creates a harsh contrast with the softness of your little one.

Simplicity is timeless and less stressful! I have put together a Pinterest Board to give you some inspiration. Hair & makeup: understated and soft is wonderful. For hair I would encourage you to style it so that when you are gazing at your little one your hair doesn't fall and cover your face.

View Pinterest Look Book

sibling love

I adore linen, rompers, barefoot and soft colours! If possible I would avoid dressing kiddos in clothes with large logos, overly bright colours and busy patterns. Zara Kids and El Corte Ingles have great options.

For littler siblings: I will start with sibling photos so please bring everyone dressed with a change of clothes in case.

Feet will definitely be seen with siblings, especially little ones. I love barefoot but if that's not your preference please consider socks that are subtle in colour or shoes that aren't too flashy. For girls: longer dresses are super cute or little leggings and a top so that we aren't having to worry about underpants showing! Hair: swept off of their face possibly with a headband or clip so that we aren't having to worry about this while getting those adorable portraits we are dreaming of.

Treats! Not clothing related I know, but so important! It can feel overwhelming for siblings sometimes, after all it may be their debut out and sometimes it can feel hard. Treats work a …. treat!

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