Oh Hello!

I feel like Bridget Jones starting a fresh journal, I promise not to swear as much! This blog will be dedicated to all things photography & learning, life in Marbella, mom stuff and much more. This will be a fluid space where I can share with you regularly what inspires and interests me (and I hope you too!)

I know that the world in particular right now is a noisy place offering so many solutions and opinions…it all can be overwhelming and make us feel out of control. I wanted to start by sharing with you helpful resources that have been a source of peace for me and have even helped to shift anxiety to an empowered and positive mindset. I hope these incredible humans can inspire and give you comfort too!

Brené Brown & her vulnerability work – everything by her!

Brooke Castillo & The Life Coach School podcasts

Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations

D’Arcy Benincosa & the Play it Brave podcasts

Rupert Spira & the self – his meditations are incredible and so soothing!

After having my two beautiful boys Noah & Tristan who are 3 and 5 years old and moving from London to Marbella I felt lost. I am completely blessed in London with the most fiercely loyal and incredible group of girlfriends – my sisterhood. When I moved to Marbella with my husband and Noah and expecting our youngest I needed to recenter myself in my new environment and find the strength from within, to create my own support network.

Fast forward nearly 4 years now I am so proud of the baby steps I have taken to greater self-awareness and self-love. As Rumi once wrote “Your task is to find all of the barriers within yourself that you have build against it”.

I hope that these resources can help those of you on your own journeys and can’t wait to share more!

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