The pivot

When I started this blog I had every intention to show up weekly and consistently but the truth is that the world simply looks different since March and sometimes I just don’t know what to say. 2020 has been a year of global change, hopefully a massively needed awakening to so many things really. There is urgency to step up now (and tomorrow, and well, always) because we need equality yesterday.

It is way BEYOND time that we acknowledge our history and how the privilege of few was afforded by the blood, sweat, tears and continued oppression of our brothers and sisters. If roles were reversed and you were forced to live in a system that disproportionally disadvantages you based on the colour of your skin and is oppressive, you would want your allies to STAND UP and fight alongside you.

There is a Tanzanian proverb which says “little by little and a little becomes a lot” – these words have always spoken to me but perhaps today more than ever we need these words to hold truth for our collective humanity. It may feel unsurmountable all of these systems of oppression, but a growing group of allies are finally awake and empowered and getting louder.

We need to pivot all together. We need to choose a new direction where everyone can be equal. Not better, not worse, just equal. It seems like it should be so self-explanatory so why do some feel like it is a threat? We need to stop, reflect, regroup and change course. Like, right now, because – we can do so much better than this. 100% better. Let us all pivot at once, can you picture it? The power of collectively saying enough. Speaking out when you see something that you know isn’t fair, standing up to the bully because if the roles were reversed you would want someone to help you and stand by your side and acknowledge what it must feel like. These might feel like small acts but these drops in a bucket will become the sea of change that is needed. We can do so much better than this.

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